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In 2006 started his experience at Post Office Reloaded in Milan as a Flint assistant.
In 2008 becomes a senior Flame Artist.
In 2009, in addition to his compositor role, he starts dealing with motion graphics, 3d compositing and visual effects.
In 2008 founds D-Phoosa, a group of talents specialized in graphic design, editing, motion graphic, web design and audio recording.
In 2010 he joins you_are as vfx artist and motion grapher on Autodesk Flint, Smoke Advanced and Adobe After Effects.

In 2017 he became you_are chief of vfx dept. 

In 2019 he is vfx supervisor and senior compositor of The Burnt Orange Heresy directed by Giuseppe Capotondi closing film at the 2019 Venice International Film Festival, produced by Hanway films.

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